Why Women

Why does is the Step-up Nutrition Plan tailored to women?

  • Biologically, women’s body composition is different.   Women are programmed genetically to have less muscle mass and heavier bones, but a higher percentage of body fat. Moreover, women tend to store fat in areas that favor more storage and less mobilization.
    Psychologically, women have more negative emotions related to their weight. Their self-image and self confidence are influenced by weight, and they tend to think and talk about it, hence creating stronger negative reaction.
  • Women have more periods in their life during which they are especially vulnerable to gain weight (childbirth/child rearing years/ menopause).
    Moreover, Women are the nutrition gate keepers of their family; by improving their health, they improve the health and the well-being of their families.
  • Women take a step-by-step approach to transform their lifestyle and habits in order to achieve health and vitality.  This approach increases  your confidence and the ability to change. This is a learning journey not an immediate transformation.  We focus on the journey as well as the destination. 
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