Session Features
  • Creating personalized and flexible nutrition plan and healthy eating patterns. 
  • Increasing awareness and learning your unique eating and exercise patterns (key to changing habits)
  • Designing a healthy environment-healthy kitchen or worksite
  • Optimal nutrition guidelines (condition-specific)
  • Creating a healthy balance and style
  • Carbohydrate/Protein/Fat: The balance that works for your genetics and metabolism
  • Savvy shopping
  • Dining-out / Ethnic foods
  • Mindful eating-mindfulness- using the power of the mind to reach your optimal weight & well being.
  • Psychological hungry heart versus physical hunger (Are You Really Hungry?) - you will gain knowledge of your hunger and fullness cues and the emotional aspects of eating behaviors; develop strategies to stop emotional eating
  • Decreasing hunger while managing weight
  • Managing high risk situations and cues (triggers) and plot your strategies by using tools such as substitution, elimination, and avoidance, etc
  • Guidance for increasing physical activities - the power of physical activity and lifestyle activity
  • Change your thoughts and you can change your weight/ life/ health
  • How to deal with dichotomous - all or nothing thinking
  • Identify your behavior chain and link breaks strategies
  • Develop quick and easy meal preparation techniques/Recipes modification.
  • Increasing Intake of  fruit and vegetables
  • The benefits of eating certain power house / super foods
  • The importance of fiber, calcium, and antioxidants
  • Stress management and ways to control it: meditation, breathing, mindfulness, visualization, yoga.
  • Living a balanced life and time management
  • Surviving  holiday, vacations, and social events
  • Strategies to deal with lack of commitment
  • Lapse versus relapse  -prevent lapse, relapse, and collapse
  • Strategies to maintain success a maintaining your weight for a lifetime
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