First Visit
Prior to your first visit:
In order to individualize your program and since every women is bio-chemically and genetically different, you will need to complete an extensive health and nutritional questionnaire as well as a lifestyle  questionnaire.
Initial Visit
We are going to identify, review, and assess the following:
  • Current and past medical history, family medical history, and risk factors
  • The potential causes and condition associated with your conditions
  • Clinical laboratory values (beneficial if you can bring your recent blood work)
  • Supplements and medications ( Food/ Drug/ Herb interactions)
  • Lifestyle and dietary habits and patterns
  • Your attitude, motivation, and readiness toward change
  • Potential psychological causes and barriers
  • Environmental factors
  • Exercise history and current activity level
  • Body composition measurements, including Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis  and anthropometrics
  • Identify  obstacles, weaknesses, and realistic goals and expectations. 
Subsequent Sessions

Covering different nutrition and health related lesson plans (see sessions feature). As well as monitoring your progress and stage of change, identifying  areas of improvements and difficulties, and reviewing your goals and  objectives. Recommendations are adjusted as needed.  These sessions will help you to sustain and support your weight and lifestyle changes.
Recommendations of appropriate nutritional supplements with condition specific nutrients will be discussed if necessary. 
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